Suitable for bathrooms
Suitable for bathrooms & kitchens

Tiny pores in the grout surface mean that bacteria get trapped inside and inevitably turns into mould. Mould is a class 1 health risk and should be removed as soon as possible. Our patented system offerings a grout free tiling alternative and thus ultimately eliminates the risks and inconvenience of mould.

Grout is porous which means that over time it will fail and start to allow water in. As buildings move with heat expansion and contraction grout can crack or even force tiles to come away from the wall also causing leaks.

Our recommended Soudal ‘Stay Fresh’ silicone is the only sealant available with a lifetime guarantee*. That means as long as you give them a basic clean with a mild detergent you can keep the bleach and toothbrush in the cupboard. Your seals will stay as clean and fresh as the day you installed them.

The Patented Reco Installation System creates a continuous 100% waterproof surface that will move with your building and not crack like grout.

Reco Tile Panel edges match the joins in the body of the panel to create a seamless appearance. The panel joins use Reco Seal tape and anti-fungal silicone rather than grout. Plus the acrylic coating is resistant to hard water which ensures they retain their freshly tiled look. Reco Space Panels unlike other panel systems use no profiles at the join, just the Reco Seal and silicone to create a virtually seamless appearance that is easy clean.

Cleaning – Because no grout or profiles are used, no dirt or germs are trapped. Panels can be cleaned and rinsed using only mild detergents.

Details of the installation items you will require will be automatically calculated at the end of your order providing you agree to include them. Full Installation Instructions, Care instructions and the 10-year Guarantee are included with each order.

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Isn’t it time you switched to a product that looks as good 10 years down the line?

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