Suitable for bathrooms
Suitable for bathrooms & kitchens
Are your panels waterproof?
All of our panels are 100% waterproof. Grout is porous which means that it will eventually fail and cause a leak. Our panels do not have grout so they will not leak. The joining system has been tested for over 10 years and we have never had a single leak.
Can I fit them over my existing tiles?
Yes, the panels can be fitted over any level surface (except floors) and as they are only 2-4mm you will not lose space. There is no need to strip off the old tiles. Just clean and rinse down thoroughly then fit the panels over the top.
Can I sell your products?
To enquire about selling our products nationally or internationally please contact us here.
Do you offer Trade Discounts?
For trade and volume customers please contact us and a member of the team representing your area will be able to assist.
Do you ship internationally?
Sadly, for small orders we currently only offer a shipping service to the UK. For larger orders we can deliver worldwide, email for rates. If you are interested in becoming a distributor or would like information on agents in your area, please get in touch.
Does it sound and feel like plastic?
No. When you attach the panels to the wall you flatten them against the wall to ensure good contact all over (just like wallpaper). This method, plus the adhesive means the panels become solid. If you tap them they sound like tiles. Most people cannot tell they are plastic until they touch the wall and realise it is warm and not cold.
How do I calcuate how many panels I need?
All of our trade panels are 1220 x 2440 which is 3m². Measure your walls and multiply the height x the width to find your square metre area then add a small amount for wastage (10%) and divide by the panel coverage of 3m. For further help calculating coverage please select technical help option when calling 01205 769002
How do the panels join together?
Our Reco joining system is a unique, patented installation method that gives the panels a seamless waterproof join. First apply our high tack adhesive ‘Reco Seal Tape’ to the wall and then apply HG adhesive to the back of the panel and place the panel onto the wall and over half the tape. Thereafter, you apply a 3mm bead of silicone down the side of the panel and onto the tape. Proceed to butt the joining panel up to it, leaving a small gap of about 2mm. Then using a wet finger or silicone tool, clean the join leaving a small amount of silicone sitting at the bottom of the join. You can read full installation instructions here.
How does the panel join with my shower tray or bath?
We have tested a host of joining systems in the past but our engineers unanimously agree that none of them do a better job than standard silicone. For our panels you can either fit them to the wall before you install the shower tray or bath, or you can fill the gap between the tray/bath and the wall with silicone before bedding the bottom edge of the panel down into it. Once you have fitted all of the panels, silicone the front of the join between the panel and the bath/tray and then weight the shower tray down using a heavy tool box and or fill the bath with water to weight it down. This means that the silicone will set at the maximum stretch point and reduce the potential of splitting and leaks. You can read more and watch installation video here.
How easy are they to clean and what should I use?
The panels are very easy to clean as there is no grout and nowhere for the dirt to get trapped. If you have the panels in your shower, then we recommend you rinse the panels down after your shower and clean the silicone joins using a mild detergent and cloth 1-2 times a week. For other areas, we recommend a wipe down with mild detergent a few times a month to prevent dirt build up.
How easy are they to cut?
The panels are easy to cut. The Reco Tile acrylic panels can be cut using a Stanley knife or fine toothed saw and a metal straight edge. For Reco Design, Reco Protect, Reco Glass, Reco Gloss, and Reco Tile PVC we recommend you cut them face up using a fine toothed Jigsaw with a down-cutting blade. Holes for pipework can also be easily cut using a standard hole cutter. Track saws can also be used for cutting long lengths.
How is it cheaper than traditional tiling?
As the panels have no grout you do not need waterproof matting or boards behind the panels. You can also fit them over existing tiles which saves you strip out costs. You need only three products to fit our panels (Reco seal tape, adhesive & silicone) vs up to twelve for tiles. Then when fitting our panels, it takes around 1/4 of the time which means there are labour savings. Once installed the panels do not require maintenance so there are also further long term savings. The combination of these attributes mean that we are at least 40% cheaper than basic tiles and up to 80% cheaper than high end or bespoke tiles.
How scratch resistant are they?
All gloss panels are coated with an acrylic capping (the same as a bath) which makes them very scratch resistant. Any small scratches can be polished out. The satin finish panels are covered with a PVC protective coating that is anti-scratch & anti-graffiti. We do not however, recommend abrasive cleaning or the use of harsh chemicals on our panels as they are unnecessary.
What about edge trims?
The panels come with a rounded edge which means most of the time you do not need an edge trim. If you purchase a ‘Reco backing Strip’ (2495 x 50mm), then you can fold it into a right angle and fit it onto the edge of the external corner (making sure its plumb level). Then you can butt the rounded edges of the panel up to each other to give the perfect finish without the need for a trim. You can then put the cut edge of the panel into the internal corner. The only time you might need an edge trim is when you are boxing in pipework or if you are cladding the internal sides of a window. The exposed cut edge can then be covered with one of our ‘Reco Edge Trims’ or you can use traditional tile trims (of no more than 5mm internal height).
What are the payment terms for trade customers?
For trade credit payment terms please contact us here, including your company name and registration number.
What guarantee do you offer?
We offer a 10 year manufacturers warranty.
What is a backing strip?
You do not have to use ‘Reco Backing Strips’ but we do recommend them. A backing strip is a PVC strip of plastic (2495 x 50mm) that you fold into a right angle and then fit into the corner of the room with the HG Adhesive on the back. Then use your spirit level to ensure that it’s plumb. Once the backing strip has set you can then fit the panels over the top of it. The backing strip means that you do not have to trim the panels to fit the wall and once the first panel is on the wall plumb then it’s easy to panel around the rest of the room. The backing strip is also an extra protection in the corners to ensure there are no leaks.
Can it be used on floors?

No - the panels can not be used on floors due to the slip rating and panel composition/structure. 

What is Reco?
Reco is the brand name of Reco Surfaces Ltd. We specialise in producing waterproof panel materials for public & trade customers. Our products have several patents that make them unique to any other product on the market.
What plain colour sheets do you stock?
Our flat sheets are 1220 x 2440 x 2mm in White and Grey in 1050 x 2500 x 2mm
Can you use the panels behind a hob?
Reco Tile, Reco Design, Reco Protect, Reco Glass EFX and Reco Gloss can all be fitted behind a hob as long as they are at least 80-100mm from the back of the burner. If it is a gas hob then we recommend a piece of toughened glass over the hob area to protect the panel from flames. For a commercial or trade installation we recommend using only PVC or Reco Glass SFX (flame) panels. Acrylic panels class 3, PVC and Reco Glass SFX (flame) Class 1.
Why are the panels only 2-3mm?
The panels have been designed to fit over existing tiles, or into tight spaces, without sacrificing  from the room. The 2-4mm thickness of the panels means they are easy to cut and flexible, which enables them to be fitted in small or tight areas.
Can you remove the panels easily?
The panels will remain secure to the wall throughout their lifetime. However, should you wish to remove them then you can cut the silicone at the join between the panels and then using a chisel or other flat instrument prise the panel from the wall. The adhesive should remain on the back of the panel making it easy to then apply a new one. You can then easily peel the adhesive from the removed panel and send it to the local recycling plant or send it back to us to make into a new panel.
Do you have installers in my area?
As a manufacturer, we don't offer a fitting service however, for commercial projects we can offer a trainer to attend site. Please get in touch to find out more.
Do you offer a fitting service?
For commercial or large trade projects we do have a network of fitters that we can put you in touch with. For more information please contact us here.
How much wastage should I allow?
As the panels can be joined at any tile divide there is little wastage. We recommend you allow around 10% to be safe.
What size does my photo need to be for the bespoke panels?
Please check our complete information sheet on this subject (available by emailing As a general guide we recommend a file of no less than 5mb per 2440 x 1220mm panel and ideally 8-10mb. We would prefer the images as TIFF or EPS files but JPEGs, PDFs and GIFs are also accepted.
What is the difference between Reco Tile and Reco Design?
Reco Tile Acrylic and PVC tile panels are moulded so they look and feel like tiles but there is no grout. Our sophisticated  moulding process means that you can also join them together seamlessly without the need for joining profiles. Reco Design is a flat sheet of PVC (1220 x 2440 x2mm) that we print with graphics and then coat with a PVC or acrylic hard-coat. You can read more about the differences between our products here.  
Where can I see the panels?
Please click here to see details of our showrooms
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