Suitable for bathrooms
Suitable for bathrooms & kitchens

Customer Reviews

  • Vivianne Child
    Verified Buyer

    Vivianne Child

    I’m delighted with our shower panel, featuring a massive wave rolling across the bathroom! It arrived tip top fast, well packaged, exactly as promised, with all the adhesives and attachments. Our builders scratched their heads a little, but they followed the instructions that I printed off the website and watched the video … and even they were impressed with the result. It looks brilliant.

  • David Dixon
    Verified Buyer

    David Dixon

    After looking for tiling options, we stumbled across the Reco Surfaces website, great range, and found the kitchen options, and decided on bluebell wood. We ordered a sample first, came very quickly. Made the decision to go with them, placed the order and again fast delivery! Great option rather than using boring tiles. Deffo would use again. Thanks guys ????????

  • Derek Wood
    Verified Buyer

    Derek Wood

    Really pleased with the whole experience dealing with Reco Surfaces and the product. Getting a price and ordering the covering was easy and stress free. Once ordered the product turned up quickly as promised, well packaged and with all items required to fit the panel. The fitting was easy, as per the instructions and looked great when completed. Really happy with the whole process. Thanks Reco Surfaces!

  • Sława Sempińska
    Verified Buyer

    Sława Sempińska

    In our small bathroom we decided to use the panels on all the walls. I love how they look and the installation was so quick and clean! I honestly recommend it!

  • TXR Building & Maintenance LTD
    Verified Buyer

    TXR Building & Maintenance LTD

    We have ordered a lot of Reco products for various shower areas, which are very useful and a cheaper way to do up a shower than tiling. They come quickly and do the job perfectly.

  • Zenshin Dojo
    Verified Buyer

    Zenshin Dojo

    I was impressed by the Reco customer service. The lady was friendly, helpful and it was obvious they wanted me to satisfied with my purchase. The product was of excellent quality and overall I was highly satisfied with the whole experience.

  • Brenda Rosendale
    Verified Buyer

    Brenda Rosendale

    I’m very happy with my Reco panels which I think look great in my kitchen and made replacing painted tiles a lot easier. I also intend to use them in my bathroom.

  • Colne Island Railway
    Verified Buyer

    Colne Island Railway

    A very good product and easy to install. When I called to order the panels, the guy that I spoke to when I ordered the panels was extremely helpful and polite. If I ever need these panels again, I’ll be calling Reco Surfaces.

  • Devon Steve
    Verified Buyer

    Devon Steve

    Have used Reco panels for my kitchen and utility room, they fooled my neighbour who thought I had spent an age putting tiles on the wall. The main advice I can offer is do not scrimp on the amount of glue used to stick to walls as the panels are not flimsy and are of good weight and quality. The team let you know when they’ve sent your order, they will get back and sort any issues straight away, (I had an issue with their delivery company) Just like me, you are probably weighing up the pro’s sand cons as to whether to use Reco panels or to put up ceramic tiles, I’m sure that you won’t regret using panels, you just need a bit of time and yes! enough space to lay a panel down so you can cut it and put the bonding on the back, apart from that follow their how to video.

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