Suitable for bathrooms
Suitable for bathrooms & kitchens

Great Insulation

Reco Panels create 20-40% more insulation than tiles and 35% more than laminate wallboards. The thermal break created by the gap between the panel, the adhesive and the wall, combined with the reduced thermal conductivity of Acrylic compared with tiles means Reco Tile & Reco Design will significantly reduce the loss of heat from your room. The extra insulation will also reduce your heating bills. The surface is warm to the touch, which reduces condensation and mould within wet areas. We really offer the ultimate eco tiling solution.

All our panels are 100% recyclable

Reco are helping reduce 120 million

tons of building waste material

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Reco is part of Polymer Recovery Ltd, a plastics recycling company in Lincolnshire. Therefore our tile panels and system were designed with the environment in mind. They are manufactured using a special low carbon process that uses far less energy compared to tiles which are fired in a kiln at over 1300°C. All our manufacturing waste is recycled into new Acrylic sheets. The coloured inks used for the panel designs are water-based and UV cured which means they are harmless to the environment and can be recycled. Plus our special adhesive can easily be removed at any recycling plant making our entire range of eco tiling 100% recyclable.

Eco Tiling - Better for the Environment

As there is no grout or grooves for dirt to get trapped in the panels they can be cleaned without the need for harsh or environmentally unfriendly cleaning products.  All our off-cuts from installations can be reused or placed in a normal recycling waste bin. Old panels can also be returned to Polymer Recovery Ltd to be made into new ones. The eco tiling panels are light compared with traditional tiles or wallboards, which makes them easier and cheaper to transport. We use standard carriers to transport our panels making their carbon footprint very small. All Reco products are manufactured in the U.K and all of our materials are sourced from British companies which means each panel has traveled far fewer miles.

‘Possibly the first product designed for a lifetime of recycling by a recycling company’

Robert Fleet MD of Reco & Polymer Recovery

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