Large Tile - White

£36.60£73.20 inc. VAT

The Large White Tile Panel from Reco Surfaces is the classic, large white tile panel, but not as you know it.

The classic white tile is experiencing evolution at a rapid rate. What was once considered a dull staple of home design, resigned to just the bathroom walls, is being renewed as interior designers and creative homeowners the world over are waking up to the wide scope of applications which the classic white tile provides.

These great high gloss panels have a tile size of 226 x 310mm. They can be mounted as a portrait panel 905(w) x 2495(h) or landscape 2495(w) x 905(h).

Due to their size, these panels are incredibly popular in supporting half-wall designs in a landscape design, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms that are craving a new lease of creative life.

If you’re looking for a grout-free solution to tiling, and are in need of a modern tile with classic design, then you can’t go wrong with the classic large white tile panel.