Mixed Mosaic Pomegranite

£40.94£79.49 inc. VAT

If you’ve been looking for a pink tile and can’t quite find the right shade, or are looking for a specific pomegranate tile colour pallet but haven’t been able to find one, then the mixed mosaic pomegranate range will be the ideal panel for you.

With many fans of mosaic tiles not wanting to decorate entire rooms dues to the costly and time-consuming nature of mosaic tiles the pomegranate design panels offer the freedom to cover your whole room or to fit a large feature wall.

The tile panels offer grout-free easy installation without needing to compromise your interior design.

What does this mean to the everyday homeowner looking for a bathroom or kitchen makeover? It means you can tile your home with style but without the cost. Isn’t it time to add a splash of colour to your bathroom or kitchen? These mixed mosaic colour tile panels create the perfect feature wall, or why not cut them into strips to use as a border around your room… The choice is yours.