Aztec Sand

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The Aztec Sand tile range is the ideal tile for homeowners looking for warm tones, with a unique design (and a geometrically pleasing aesthetic).

The Aztecs believed the world around them was exactly mirrored below their feet. Do something different with your kitchen or bathroom, whilst staying true to the aspects of Aztec design which are universally loved.

Interior tiling is evolving, with tiles now being used all over the modern home. If you’re looking to add unique interior design to your home in the form of grout-free tiles, then why not order a tile panel sample today?

If you’ve been looking for sand coloured, maintenance-free tiles to add warmth to your kitchen or room then the Aztec Sand tile may just be the one for you. For other styles with an equally unique and exotic look take a look at the Reco Tile Collection, specifically, the Nami Sando tile for vibrant oriental styling.

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